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Recommended Baptist History Websites

Not all websites are created equal.  Among the foremost, trustworthy Baptist history web sites are the following:

The Baptist History and Heritage Society
Baptists and the American Civil War
The Center for Baptist Studies

American Baptist Historical Society
Virginia Baptist Historical Society
Center for Baptist Heritage and Studies
Baptist Historical Society (UK)


Is God a

A provocative new
book from
R. Kirby Godsey.

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Selected Baptist Archives

(Location of archives included)

American Baptist Historical Society (Mercer University, Atlanta, GA)
Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives (Nashville, TN)
Georgia Baptist History Depository (Mercer University, Macon, GA)
Kentucky Baptist Archives (Louisville, KY)
Canadian Baptist Archives (McMaster Divinity College, Ontario, Canada)
Texas Baptist Historical Collection (Dallas, TX)

Primary Baptist Sources Available Online

For the researcher, many primary Baptist sources are now available online, including the following:

The Baptist Catechism, Charleston Association (1813)
The Baptist Mission in India by William Staughton (1811)
"Exposition of the Views of Baptists, Relative to the Coloured Population in the United States"

       by Richard Furman (1823, 1838)
Fifty Years Among the Baptists by David Benedict (1860)
A History of the Baptists, Volume 2 by John T. Christian
"A History of Clear Creek Church, and Campbellism Exposed" by John Taylor (1830)
The Gospel Worthy of All Acceptance by Andrew Fuller (1781, partial)
The Millennial Harbinger, Volume 1
by Alexander Campbell (1830)
New Hampshire Confession of Faith (1833)
Notes on the Principles and Practices of Baptist Churches by Francis Wayland (1857)
"Remarks on Church Discipline" by Daniel Parker (1824)
A Short History of the Baptists by H. C. Vedder
The Trail of Blood by J. M. Carroll
William Carey's Works

Many other primary sources are also available.  Following are links to two collections of works, including a note regarding each collection's particular bias:

Baptist Library Online -- a General Baptist collection of materials
The Reformed Reader's Baptist History Collection -- Calvinistic or Reformed


Introductions to Selected Baptist Thought, Themes and Movements

Read An Affirmation of Common Baptist Themes (published September 2010)

Read very brief introductions to views of Baptist origins, the current Reformed debate in Baptist life, and the ongoing Southern Baptist Controversy that has spawned Baptist renewal movements.

Baptist History Books (A Select Listing)


Bruce T. Gourley -- A Capsule History of Baptists
Bill Leonard -- Baptist Ways
Douglas Weaver -- In Search of the New Testament Church
Pamela and Keith Durso -- The Story of Baptists in the United States
Leon McBeth -- The Baptist Heritage

Walter Shurden -- Four Fragile Freedoms (a short introduction)

Baptist History and Distinctives Bibliography --  great listing of Baptist history books with purchase links
Particular Baptist Bibliography -- a bibliography of Baptist History from the Reformed perspective

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Baptist History Websites: An Expanded Listing

The links below are for informational purposes, serving to provide a sampling of the material available online.

A Brief History of Baptists -- a short summary of Landmarkist history beliefs
A Primer on Baptist History -- generally a good early history summary, but with a Reformed agenda
BaptistHeritage.Com -- from the Baylor University Baptist Studies Department
Baptist Historical Society (UK) -- the official website
Baptist History and Heritage Society -- pamphlets, books and more
BWA Heritage and Identity Commission -- from the Baptist World Alliance
Center for Baptist Heritage and Studies -- from the Baptist General Convention of Virginia
Center for Baptist Studies at Mercer -- publications, resources, conferences and more
Documenting the American South -- excellent collection of primary documents (search for "Baptist")
First London Confessions of Faith -- text of early Baptist confessions with annotations
Founder's Journal -- devoted to the Calvinistic dimension of Baptist history
General Baptist Net -- a great collection of primary Baptist materials
Independent, Fundamentalist Baptist History -- a brief survey
Primitive Baptist Web Station --  contains text of doctrinal abstracts and creeds of faith
Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives -- under the direction of the SBC seminary presidents
Strict Baptist Historical Society -- British Baptist resources
Texas Baptist Historical Collection -- important Baptist resources from the largest Baptist convention
The Triumph of the Southern Baptists -- a brief history of Southern Baptists
Three Witnesses for the Baptists -- a summary of Landmarkist views of Baptist history



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